Tick Tock (S1R3)

(January 20, 2019)

Exclusivor is posing as a lawyer and hacking iPhones and trying to free Distinctive from the hospital.

Lawyer (S1R2)

(January 2, 2019)

Distinctive is in the hospital, in pain, and he's told he has a lawyer - but wait, what? He doesn't have a lawyer.

Pain (S1R1)

(December 18, 2018)

In a lot of pain, Distinctive is in his own head thinking about his life, thinking about changes he needs to make, thinking about how to best set up Exclusivor and take her down.

Busted (S1R0)

(December 17, 2018)

Distinctive gets busted by Sam Fishburne, in more ways than one. Lita and Stoney are in trouble, too. The ever-elusive Exclusivor makes a run for it.

Season Zero Recap

(December 16, 2018)

It's been a long time since Season Zero ended. Get caught up by listening to this.

Avanta Speaks (recording 11)

(March 2, 2018)

LOL-Lita tries to kill Exclusivor. Avanta speaks, but doesn't make sense. Sean, aka Distinctive, wants to run. Run fast. Run far.

Step On a Crack (recording 10)

(February 16, 2018)

Distinctive comes home from a weekend night of emergency work, and a woman is in his bed. He finds out who she is, and what she wants.

Wobbling (recording 9)

(February 2, 2018)

Sean had been hacked by the Voice. Now he thinks he was mugged by the Voice. He decides that enough is enough. He's been feeble, he needs to get after it.

Dreams (recording 8)

(January 19, 2018)

Swatting failed, Avanta is not found and Distinctive heads home as his life looks less and less like the one he had carefully built over a decade. And, one of his most cherished possessions is stolen.

Swatted (recording 7)

(January 5, 2018)

Distinctive, LOL-Lita, Stoney and Fishburne track who they think is Sindictive, and who they think is Avanta. Or, is she Exclusivor? To get Avanta back, they take drastic measures. They SWAT them. But, will it work?

Sindictive (recording 6)

(December 22, 2017)

Avanta has been kidnapped. Distinctive and the team learn who did it, and perhaps why. And, Lita and Distinctive think they have found Exclusivor: Avanta.

Rescue Attempt (recording 5)

(December 8, 2017)

After things go awry in the warehouse, Sean/Distinctive takes matters into his own, um, hands. He gets an assist from his new, favorite person on earth, but will miss her, too.

Ruthless People (recording 3)

(November 21, 2017)

Distinctive is in Longbeach, along with a handful of co-workers, and isn't happy. Nothing is going his way, even when he's surprised by some buddies.

Planes, Trains and Doxing (recording 2)

(November 2, 2017)

Distinctive hears from the Voice again, finally, but the instructions to call the FBI doesn't sit well. Distinctive is broke, and dreads telling #TheCollective he can't make payday, fearing the fallout.

The Voice (recording 0)

(October 16, 2017)

Sean, aka "Distinctive" is a hacker. He has a job he can't lose, and a lot of hacker friends who don't know who he is IRL. Then a Voice blackmails him.